Striving for Better Quality of Life

by Krystal Foreman - April 25, 2018

Why we Strive for Better Quality of Life with Krystal Clear Clean

Years ago I worked for my mom’s cleaning service, it was my very first job!

This was so excited at first, a few weeks later it wasn’t so exciting anymore. ha ha I got stuck picking up weeds and putting them into little Walmart grocery bags.

For every bag I gathered I earned $10 per bag. I remember when I was little stuffing some of the middle with leaves and pulling out a little bit more grass each time with the weeds. ha ha Man this was not the quality of life i wanted.

Eventually, I started learning the cleaning side and learned which products & cleaning tools to use on certain areas. I remember my mother would always take home the big bucks and I would always get a small part. To me, this wasn’t fair since we both worked our butts off. At that moment, I realized this wasn’t the quality of life i wanted.

Soon, I became a Military Police Officer with the Army National Guard. Served 3 years and got tired of people telling me what to do. (Don’t we all at some point?)

Then Guess What

I decided to start my own cleaning business. I worked hard day in and day out and slowly creating a huge cleaning company. Even though I had a big cleaning company the girls who cleaned for us were working 2 jobs in order to make ends meet.

That’s not the quality of life I wanted for them, I didn’t want to see them getting off work and going straight to another job everyday, especially after seeing them scrub and scrub for hours and hours on some of the homes we encounter. I wanted to try to create something more than that. I wanted them to be able to go home at 5 and have dinner with their family not go to another job at 5 pm and get off at 12 pm to start the day over again with me.

It was also very important for me to keep cleaning prices affordable for clients, it would always hurt to see some of the older clients who really really needed the help and just couldn’t afford it. I soon developed a strategy to have a win win win scenario for both clients and cleaners.

The Answer My Friends Is

A cleaning referral agency. This is why Krystal Clear Cleaning Agency truly values our cleaners, clients, and quality of life so much and it shows in our work.

In March 2018,

We closed down my cleaning service and transitioned into a cleaning agency. As a referral agency we are able to give the hard working independent cleaners the wages and lifestyle I always desired. I wanted to have all cleaners to only have to work one job to support their families. I wanted a better quality of life for them. Through trial and error of learning the new systems I have perfected the process and have been able to offer clients affordable cleanings while offering fair wages to the cleaning professionals.

We hope you enjoy helping Improve the Quality of Life in our communities, just as much as we do.

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