What is a Referral Agency?

by Krystal Foreman - April 25, 2018

What is a Referral Agency?

Referral Agency’s can help you save up to 40% on Household Duties

A Referral Agency helps minimize the clients costs while also maximizing  the cleaners  income by outsourcing jobs to independent cleaning professionals who are registered under contract with the agency.

Cleaners work to their own schedule, use their own acquired knowledge to complete jobs and provide their own transportation. Depending on the needs of the Customer, supplies, and equipment are provided by either the customer or the worker.

The workers provide cleaning services, as requested by the customer, at the lowest possible cost.

Clients get to enjoy

Having access to a wide range of cleaning services such as, ironing & laundry, wall washing, house cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, packing and unpacking, event clean up, organizing household items and more all at affordable rates with lots of scheduling flexibility.

In addition, They will get an experienced and screened independent cleaning professional, and great customer service as we follow up with clients to assure they were satisfied with the referral.

With Krystal Clear Cleaning Referral Agency

Above all, you get qualified independent cleaning professionals, while also enjoying our great customer service while we help handle any customized cleaning requests such as rescheduling or adding on a oven cleaning for Thanksgiving time or automatic payments, cleaner replacement and 24’7 access to our client portal.

Plus enjoy up to 40% off in savings  than with a cleaning company.

Cleaners that work with our referral agency must have at least 2 years of house cleaning experience (usually 5-7 years on average) must pass our rigorous cleaning screening process, pass criminal background, and must have plenty of clients who continually request them back.


What is a Referral Agency?


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