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30 Minutes Speed Clean

Quick Action Plan to Speed Clean / Declutter your Home in 30 Min. (I love the basket method!! Literally run around the house making a basket for certain things and either go through it yourself or have one of your kids put a basket away)

Step 1:

Gather 2-3 empty laundry baskets and 1 large garbage bag.

Step 2:

Set a timer for 30 minutes.

Step 3:

Go to each closet and turn all the hangers around the opposite way. Set a reminder in your calendar on your phone to donate all clothes that have not been turned around in 3 months. In 3 months go through your clothes and see if you didn’t wear it because its the wrong season or if you just don’t love it. If you don’t love it your not going to wear it.

Consider, putting out of season clothes in a tub under the bed or in the garage and rotate them out for the family. ( I keep mine in a few roll tubs under the bed. & jackets & scarfs in the garage)

Step 4:

Grab the garbage bag, going around for all the garbage, and also all the things in your home that don’t get used and are just pointless items ex. loose papers, cards, candy, socks with holes, empty toothpaste, etc. Empty all trash bins in the process. Don’t forget the pantry area. . throw expired, or nasty foods no one seemed to like.

(Quickly, your on a timer.)

Step 5:

Grab a basket, run around the house clearing off and straightening all surfaces with junk. Counters, table, entry way, floors, couch, bathrooms, bedrooms, (etc.)

Step 6:

Grab another basket and run around the house and put any clothing, shoes, hats, socks into basket.

Step 7:

Sort through the baskets (quickly). I think of this like a game and I try to do this as quick as possible. I have 2 kids ones 4 and ones 7 years old. They can tear through the house multiple times a day.

My Great Morning Routine with My Kids

I love to have my kids make their beds every morning, put their pj’s in their cubby and make sure all toys & items off the floor each morning.

Extra Helpful Tips:

  • Have them put their bowls in the sinks each time.

  • Shoes always into their cubbies & jacket put in rooms each time.

  • Vacuum around the house for $$ each week. .50 cents is so satisfying for our little ones.

  • Little things like these helps, being a mother its always a constant cleaning job. Having or rotating whose turn it is to put away the baskets is a good refreshing chore to rotate.

Comment down below if you have your own speed cleaning tips to share!

Happy Cleaning.



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