There are a lot of illness going around in today’s time. And the experts say that one way to prevent your family from having one of them is to make sure that what you’re taking in are clean. And how do we make sure that they’re clean? Simple. We clean the area where we prepare them. Where? Of course, the kitchen. The kitchen holds a lot of responsibility in the cleanliness of our food since we cook and prepare our food here, so in return, you also have a big responsibility to keep it clean.


  1. Baking Soda as a cleaner

Baking soda is famous for a lot of things, and it involves cleaning. You can use baking soda as a cheap alternative to your cleaners; and it is Eco-friendly too! Less hassle for you and the environment, more shine for your kitchen appliances. Put vinegar and baking soda together until they become a paste, put it in your appliance and let it sit for 10 minutes. Wipe it and it should be good.



  1. Clean the garbage disposal.

Make lemon and vinegar ice cubes for your garbage disposal by putting slices of lemon in each ice cube mold, putting the right amount of vinegar after and throw 2-3 cubes to your garbage to remove the foul odor.


  1. Dryer Sheets for Dirty Pans

Remove all the grease in your pan by simply putting a dryer sheet on top and putting warm water on it. The sheet will absorb all the dirt and by that, you have your non greasy pans. Fast and effortless, right?


  1. Cleaning cutting boards

Wooden cutting boards is undeniably hard to clean and sanitize, but you can use salt and lemon to disinfect and de-grease your cutting board. This removes all the food particles off.


  1. Oil for oils

Who knew you could use mineral oil to remove oils as well? Well, it’s efficient and fast. And it’s based on chemistry, remember “like dissolves like?” Just put mineral oil in a towel you could use to wipe all the oily mess in your kitchen.


  1. Vinegar for copper pots

Combining salt and vinegar could really be helpful to your copper pots. Since vinegar is highly acidic, it’s best for your hardened grease and dirt. Salt helps it to be more efficient. . Just put it in your regular sponge and wash all those grease away.


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