5 Commonly Missed Areas in a Vacancy Cleaning from Krystal Clear Cleaning Referral Agency

5 Commonly Missed Areas In Vacancy Cleanings

Did you know that millions of bacteria are circulating in renters’ homes? Here are 5 commonly missed areas that get skipped during move out inspections.

Number 1: Carpet Cleaning

Unless you’re a new home owner chances are your carpet has been walked on thousands of times with shoes (yikes) All the Dirt and germs from outside now under your feet. Having a professional carpet cleaning gives you a peace of mind knowing its been cleaned and sanitized for those late night cuddles & family game nights.

Number 3: Fridge

Did you know most people clean a fridge with water and a washcloth? Whether you clean it yourself or have a professional clean it for you. It’s definitely an area where we want to have cleaned & sanitized. Remember disinfecting requires a product to sit drenched for about 3-5 minutes to fully kill the germs and work its magic. Be sure to read the product label and follow the instructions.

Number 4: Cabinets

If a tenant thinks they’re clean they typically avoid adding them into a cleaning. Do a lap around your house with a white washcloth and ensure you’re lying your dishes on clean cabinet shelves.

Number 5: Windows

Windows light up your home, spirit, and let the fresh breeze into your home on a cool summer day. Although the constant wind blows the dirt, rain , and bugs it’s always good to have them cleaned twice a year. Now that you’ve watched this video you’ve learned the 5 most commonly missed areas when moving out . If you’re moving or just moved into your new home, getting a professional cleaning will ensure that your home is sanitized and clean for your family or the next. Book your cleaning today mention coupon code “moveoutvideo” to get $20 off your vacancy cleaning. Until next time. Be Safe, Be Smart, And Live Well.

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