The holidays are fast approaching, which means you have to prepare the house for all the gatherings coming up. You’ve got a lot of work to do so making sure that your home is bright, merry and clean could be a hard task. It will get a lot harder ‘cause not only your family will be there, but also a lot of visitors.

  1. Eyes on the Kitchen

The kitchen is usually the busiest area during the holidays, making it untidy. Don’t forget to check on your kitchen utensils. Clean your shelves from time to time. Make sure that the kitchen still looks presentable.

  1. Prepare Your Dining Room

People tend to gather around the food a lot during the holidays so make sure the dining area looks and smells nice. Dust your furniture in this area including the tables and the chairs. Vacuum the carpet or maybe the rug, whatever you have in home. Wipe your table before and after eating.

  1. Get rid of the bad smells

After cleaning, an area might still smell bad. There are a lot of solutions to this problem like adding essential oils to your air filter, making your own scent-filled jars, etc.

  1. Clean up the bathroom

An untidy bathroom will surely leave an impression to your visitors so you might want to clean it. Wipe your shelves, doors, blinds, towel racks with a cleaning device that has an all-purpose cleaner sprayed on to it. Put clean hand towels, tissues and hand sanitizers.

  1. Don’t Procrastinate!

Preparing for the holidays can put you in big stress. With all the tasks you have to do at the same time, cleaning your house in little amount of time each day can help you. Get everyone involved- even the kids who are already able to clean.

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