Cleaning Hack You Should Know About

Do you ever feel like the chores around your home never end? How many times have you lost hours handling tricky clean-ups that you just couldn’t resolve? If this is the case then you are in the right place. Here are some cleaning hacks you should know about!

  • Use kosher salt and lemons to clean your chopping board without leaving any chemicals.

  • Use lemons to sanitize your garbage disposal. Make frozen vinegar cubes with small chunks of lemon to clean and sanitize your garbage disposal. It will work better and smell better too!

  • Baking soda can be a great solution for cleaning your sofa. A great cleaning hack!

  • Clean your blinds with a 50-50 vinegar and water mixture and an old sock.

  • Use your hairdryer to remove water rings from wooden surfaces and refresh them with olive oil.

  • Oil stains can be removed from the carpet with baking soda.

  • Clean and sanitize your cutting board. It’s important to keep your cutting board clean and sanitary, no matter what it’s made of!

  • Use vegetable oil and baking soda on a toothbrush to clean your cabinet doors.

  • Steam away tough carpet stains. You can use a bit of ammonia and your clothes iron to remove your toughest carpet stains.

  • Make your microfiber couch look brand new. Regular wear and tear on your microfiber chairs and sofas can make them look dingy. DIY hack: A little rubbing alcohol and scrub brush can help you make them look as nice as the day you bought them!

  • Clean the plates on your flat iron. Learn how to scrub away the crusty gunk that builds up on the plates of your flat iron.

  • Put plastic bags filled with vinegar around your shower heads to rid them of stains.

  • Use baking soda and vinegar to unclog your sink. You can use this old science fair standby to fix a sink that’s draining slowly.

  • Vinegar and baking soda can be a great combo for cleaning your oven.

  • Use borax to clean (almost) anything. Borax is one of the most useful cleaning supplies you can keep on hand. Check out the link below to learn about all the ways you can use it around your house!

Happy Cleaning.


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