It’s sometimes hard to get started on decluttering your home, The best way to get started is to tackle it in stages, focus on one room, one space, one area at a time. Go through your stuff and understanding what items to get rid of when you declutter, everything can feel like too big a job to tackle, and overwhelm sets in.

Here are a list to remember when you start to declutter, You don’t need fancy tools, but you do need baskets or bins defined. 


1. Put Away: This container is for items that have crept out of their storage spaces.


2. Recycle:  Items that need to be recycled, such as paper, plastic or glass.


3. Fix: Organize and sort things that need further tinkering.


4. Trash: Stuff that needs to go away. 


5. Donate: Items that you can donate to a charitable organization or another person. 


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