Cleaning your home can be enjoyable to some people and tiring to others. If we wish for our home to stay clean, it is an important activity in our lives. A clean house is important for your health and the well-being of your family. It makes everyone feel happy, but more importantly, it eliminates a lot of stress caused by a chaotic environment.

Below you’ll find some fun facts about cleaning.

  • Your kitchen sink contains more germs than your toilet!
  • 70% of dust particles are comprised of dean skin flakes!
  • Blenders Clean Themselves. Just fill your blender with water and add a few drops of soap. Turn the blender on for a few seconds and rinse after. Ta-da!
  • Ketchup can act as a cleaning agent for your tarnished copper and silver!
  • Mold can grow in your trash can.
  • You need to wait 30-60 seconds before wiping antibacterial cleaners to work.
  • Hard Water Affects Over 85% Of U.S. Households
  • The average person spends 87% of their time indoors – make cleaning your home a priority. Book with Krystal Clear Cleaning now!

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