No silly, you do not have to be home during the cleaning. Having a cleaning service is supposed to give you more time, not take up your time. The best way to arrange a cleaning when you’re not home is to use a lockbox. Lockboxes are a secure metal container that houses a key and is accessed via a keycode.

  • A lockbox is more secure than leaving a key under the mat or hiding it anywhere else.
  • You can change the code for any new cleaners to give you total peace of mind and security.
  • You won’t have to remember to put the key out or remember which day or time the visit is scheduled.

If you have a security system, show your cleaner how to arm and disarm it. You can even have a separate code for them and/or time limitations for access using that code depending on the functionality of the alarm you have installed. Giving the housekeeper your key is not recommended. If they have to stop working abruptly, it may be difficult to get your key back.

There are many ways to arrange a house cleaning without needing to be present. Simply let us know how your cleaner can get inside, and expect to return to a freshly cleaned home.