Getting a water softener is not an affordable thing to do for your whole home but having a water filter on your showerhead can make the world of difference if you have hard water on your shower door, tile, or knobs. Here’s one we recommend that has 15 stage filter to help prevent ruining your bathroom for less than $31.00

In addition to having changed your shower head its best to put a protective layer on your shower door or tiles least once a year. Read the label on the back every product works a little differently on how frequent to apply the protector.  Think of the protector like Rain X, the rainwater runs right off your windshield right?

Same with the hard water shower protectors. I would recommend putting one on after it’s been deep cleaned. Here’s a 2 stage product we recommend for less than $16.

Although these products are great, typical house cleaners do not carry these, therefore, you would have to have them there for the cleaners to use upon arrival. Be sure to let them know upon booking so you’re matched with the right cleaner to help you tackle your home cleaning project.

Note: For hard water removal on shower door glass, or windows this is extremely hard to remove.

Therefore if it’s so severe you will need to have a professional hard water remover (not a house cleaning company) come to clean your glass first. Hard water can seep into the glass and in order to reach and remove that. The glass may need to be removed or sanded with a glass sander and a special creme. (usually, this all-star creme is around $150 for a small bucket) Then having a polishing pad on the sander to smooth the glass. If your glass is in bad shape we recommend using “ Remove It Restoration” as they service most of the same cities and counties we service and do the work correctly.

Here’s there website below:

It’s pretty expensive to restore one shower glass that’s why preventing it from occurring is so important.

Any questions feel free to reach out we would be happy to help.

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