It seems like no matter how many sheets of coloring pages we offer to our little kids; some amount of crayon always makes its way on to the wall. Whether it is in their bedroom, a playroom or even your living room. The picture will be cute for the first day and so but apparently, you will be searching a way to remove those crayons off your wall! Here are some effective ways to remove crayon marks of your wall.

Baking Soda

When using vinegar don’t work, the other awesome household clear, baking soda, did. You want to have a paste mixture of 50/50 baking soda and water. Get a sponge or a rag and scrub the paste onto the wall to get the crayon marks off.

Blow Dryer

Blow Dryer heats up the crayon wax on the wall for easy removal. You can use a wet and soapy washcloth after the crayon heated up.


Surprised Mayo can remove your crayon off your walls? Not really, the oils in the mayo do wonders to break down the wax in crayon. Make sure you sit the mayo for a few minutes. It may take a little pressure, but the Mayo and the crayon should both come off.

Glass Cleaner

Glass cleaners which are ammonia-based mixture can breakdown the way in crayon on your wall. Spray some onto the wall and scrub it with a cloth. We found out that if you let it sit for a little bit, it will be easier to remove.


If all of the methods listed above failed, another option is the Magical WD-40. Once WD-40 has had a few minutes to work its magic. One set back is the greasy aftermath but you can sort it out using dishwater and water.