Once you develop some daily cleaning habits into your routine you will be able to spend less time cleaning while still maintaining a clean home. And a big bonus, you won’t have to worry if guests show up at the last minute.

No Shoe rule at home

The most important habit is to make a no-shoe rule at home. Keep a shoe rack at the entrance and keep a separate slipper for strictly home usage.

Use Foot Mats

Please foot mats all around the house in the areas like your home entrance, outside of your bathrooms, kitchen and the utility area.

Dusting routine

A very simple easy to follow habit is a dusting routine to keep the house clean.

Put dishes in the dishwasher or wash them after every meal.

Dishes can pile up really quickly if you don’t stay on top of them. Run the dishwasher whenever it is full.

Clear Off and Wipe Down Bathroom Counters

Once a day, make sure everything that doesn’t belong to your bathroom counter gets cleared off and gets wiped down. These stuff tends to accumulate more stuff and other people in the house will start leaving stuff there too and then it gets out of hand.

Always be decluttering.

The trend right now is to declutter everything all at once and that can be good once but you need to keep up with it as well. Keep a box for donations and when you are cleaning and you see something you have no need for, stick it in the box. When the box is full donate it. Keeping up with clutter makes cleaning much easier.