Groom Your Garden. Gardens are arguably one of the prettiest parts of our home. They make our places look more pleasing and refreshing with their flowers and leaves. That being said, they need a lot of grooming too to sustain the way they look. Some maintenance tasks require devotion to a regular routine during the blooming season to keep your flowers looking good. If you’ve ever had the burden of caring for a lawn, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that flowers require much less attention than grass.

Clean your pots. To make way for new plants in your garden, remove oil soil and dead plants.

Don’t forget your furniture in your garden. Wipe down furniture to remove cow webs and loose dirt with a wet cloth.

Pick up all the large stuff. The first things you’ll probably see are dead leaves, dog litter, fallen branches since they are the obvious ones and you could start by picking them up first.

Make sure your lawn is fertilized. You have to make sure that your lawn is fertilized to promote root growth and prepare for the next growing season.

Clean all the tools. You cannot make a garden tidy with all your tools soaked up in dirt. You need tools that are clean to make your garden tidy, of course.