Halloween is almost here, and with it will come much making of spooky messes. Here are some tips to anticipate the cleaning problems you might encounter come November 1st.

Colored hairspray

If the colored hairspray has stained a machine washable, like pillows or bedsheets, flush the stain with cold running water to push out as much of the stuff as you can before treating with a product. It might actually all just came out. Rubbing alcohol is also a good option for removing these types of stains. Use a cotton ball or a rag to apply the rubbing alcohol to the stain and repeat as needed until it is no longer visible.

Makeup stain removers

Just like with colored hairspray, rubbing alcohol is the thing to use for costume make-up that’s gotten smeared on clothes. Fake blood is made with a combination of corn syrup and dye, and it’s really the dye part that creates the stain. The rubbing alcohol will help to cut through the stickiness of the fake blood, making clean-up pretty easy.

Remove costume makeup

Here are some tips:

  • Remove costume makeup with baking soda

  • Foam up. Spray shaving cream onto the stain.

  • Release the fake blood from your favorite shirt by rinsing with cold water.

  • Pre-treat and wash. A little pre-treatment and a wash in the cycle best for the garment should revitalize the shirt.

Synthetic Wigs

The thing about wigs, even the synthetic ones, is that you can wash them pretty much the way you wash your hair: With shampoo. When it’s time to dry the wig, gently shake off as much water as you can and then lay it flat on a towel to air dry.