Frequently Asked Questions

What about my pets?2020-04-15T23:37:54+00:00

It is advisable to keep your pets away in a different area to ensure the safety as they can get overly excited or possessive in an outsider’s presence.

Do you have insurance?2020-04-16T00:11:38+00:00

Accidents may happen even after the proper handling of things. If you have any heirlooms or antiques in your place, please do inform it beforehand to the cleaners so that they will be cautious as not to touch it or clean it with due care. In case of any mishap, the cleaners will handle that issue directly with you.

Do I have to file a 1099?2020-04-15T23:39:16+00:00

We issue 1099 to all the cleaners at the end of the year and ensure that all the documents are filed properly.

Are there any contracts?2020-04-16T00:11:52+00:00

No, you are not bound in any long-term contracts. You are free to cancel or reschedule any service with a 48 hrs notice. Though, at the time of booking, you are agreeing to our terms of service.

Who will be responsible if I provide a key?2020-04-15T23:58:49+00:00

The cleaner will have the sole responsibility of the key in such a case. You can also use a lockbox and give us the file code, as most of our clients do. Lockboxes are a great way to avoid the lockout fee of $50 in case you forget to provide the keys.

What if I have a alarm system?2020-04-15T23:59:15+00:00

You can inform us about the code and we will save it in their work order. You can create a custom code for the cleaner or you may disarm it on the cleaning day.

What happens if I am not at home when the cleaner arrives?2020-04-15T23:59:56+00:00

If you are not home on the cleaning day make sure that the cleaner is not locked out as it will impose a $50 lockout fee. You can opt for a lockbox, slip the key under the mat, provide a duplicate key to your cleaner, or opt for a garage code entry option (please provide us the code beforehand). A lockbox is advised here as you can easily change the code if you change the cleaning professional.

Why does the first cleaning cost more?2020-04-16T00:01:20+00:00

It takes time for the cleaner to get adjusted to your house layout and thus they spend much more time during the first cleaning removing built up dust, dirt, areas in your home. The following cleanings require much lesser time once the cleaner has got an idea about your place.

How do I pay?2020-04-16T00:01:38+00:00

Once your cleaning job is completed, the payments are processed. It is only after your payment processing that the cleaners are paid.

How do you accept payments?2020-04-16T00:02:51+00:00

We do not take cash, check or American Express. You can make payments in the name of “Krystal Clear Cleaning Referral Agency” via Visa, MasterCard or Discover.

Can I cancel the booking?2020-04-16T00:02:37+00:00

Of course, you can cancel or reschedule the booking anytime with a 48 hrs notice in advance to avoid a cancellation fee of $50. The cancellation and rescheduling affect the cleaner’s income, so special attention is required in this case.

Can I skip a cleaning?2020-04-16T00:03:44+00:00

Yes, you can do so after giving a 48 hrs notice in advance as it affects cleaning professional’s income. It is advised to book less frequent cleanings if skipping has become a regular thing due to any reason.

Can I reschedule?2020-04-16T00:04:07+00:00

Yes, you can do so by calling us on 209-498-7116 or log in through our client portal or app. But you need to do this with a prior 48 hrs notice to avoid a $50 cancellation fee when the notice period is less than 48 hrs.

Do cleaning professionals use eco-friendly products?2020-04-16T00:05:37+00:00

All the cleaners are responsible citizens and most of them come equipped with eco-friendly products. Though, not every product will be an eco-friendly one. You can inform us at the time of booking of your cleaning material requirements or you may check with the cleaner regarding the cleaning materials you prefer.

Do I need to prepare for my house cleaning?2020-04-16T00:06:05+00:00

You can do whatever preparation you like. It will be better, though if there is less clutter around and fewer people present in the house so that cleaning professionals can start the work with immediate effect as it will ultimately result in lower cost for you.

What if I am not happy with the referral?2020-04-16T00:06:34+00:00

If you are not happy, for whatever reason, please contact us right away so the domestic worker can promptly address the issue. We can also refer a different domestic that better fits your needs for the next visit. Our mission is to always have happy repeat clients.

Do I need to give a tip to the cleaner?2020-04-16T00:06:59+00:00

It is not necessary though, but you can show your appreciation. A $10-$20 tip every other visit for a recurring cleaning service is the usual trend however, deep cleaning may see a 10-15% tip.

Do I get the same cleaner on every visit?2020-04-16T00:07:59+00:00

Yes. If your cleaner is available, the same cleaner will come on every visit. If they are unavailable for any reason, we ask you if you want to reschedule or you want another cleaner on the scheduled day. If your cleaner is permanently unavailable, we can always match with another cleaner easily. Isn’t it the ultimate benefit of an agency?

Do I need to be present when the cleaner arrives?2020-04-16T00:08:38+00:00

It is highly advised to meet the cleaner on their first visit so that you can tell them your expectations about every room, discuss your cleaning checklist with them, and they may ask you questions regarding your home. Good communication is a key to a strong relationship. You can introduce your pets to the cleaner if they are going to be around. Though, any unfriendly pets must be kept in a separate area eyeing the safety.

Do the cleaners come equipped with chemicals and equipment?2020-04-16T00:09:04+00:00

Yes, they carry their own cleaning essentials. In case, you want any specific products to be used, you can inform us of the same on a prior note and leave the cleaning materials for the cleaner.

Will I get the same cleaner each time?2020-04-16T00:09:23+00:00

Unless they are unavailable due to any reason, yes, you will get the same cleaner each time. You can choose a replacement cleaner or wait for the availability of your cleaner. You can also choose a new cleaner as per your needs.

What time do the cleaners arrive?2020-04-16T00:09:48+00:00

We have a 1-2 hour arrival window as some houses may take some extra time than usual. We like to leave some room for travel, traffic and weather and finding your home, in case of a first-time visit, may take some time.

How many cleaners come for a job?2020-04-16T00:10:12+00:00

Generally, 1-2 cleaners are sufficient. It varies according to job size and availability. If you want a team of two cleaners, we can arrange it, if available in your area.

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