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Manage Your Account

How do I change my password?

Click forgot password and follow the prompts to create a new one.

How do I reset my password?

Go to our client portal 

Enter your email on file for service reminders, and select forgot password for the prompts to reset your password.

How do I change my address?

Simply call us and we will update it for you.


How do I change my credit card?

3 ways

  1. Call us 209-498-7116
  2. Through the app “Launch 27 ” Then under service provider type in “Krystal Clear Cleaning Referral Agency ” go to account settings and update the card on file.
  3. Through the website login portal – under account/settings

How do I book my first appointment?

Easy, just fill out the booking form, schedule it and put your card information on file and your cleaner will show up and clean your home.  The day before your cleaning there may be a hold on your card this is not a charge, this is a preauthorization to make sure the funds are in the account before we sent the cleaner out. Some banks may see this as a charge, but it is not. Your card will be charged when the cleaning is complete.

Cleaning Professionals

How many cleaners will be coming to my home?

1-2 Depending on iob size and availability, it also depend on who opts in for the job but if you prefer to request cleaners who come in a team of two, then we can match you with that if thats available.

Will I get the same cleaner each time?

Yes, unless their sick or out of town as we all do once a year, you would have the option to have a replacement cleaner or wait. Or request a new cleaner until you find the right match. Thats the benefit of working with a agency.

Do the cleaners have their own supplies and equiptment?

Yes, they do, but if you prefer to use a specific product or your equiptment thats fine as well just leave it out by the counter for your cleaner.

How will the domestic worker know what I want done?

We only work with verified & experienced domestic cleaners who know what there doing in a home, but there is no cookie-cutter list of what will be done during your cleaning. The domestic workers usually clean your whole home but because client needs vary, you can provide them with a “Cleaning Priority List” which is a excellent way to communicate your particular needs. Since you live in your home there may be a particular area you notice that someone new to your home may not notice, so its important to communicate with your cleaner.  If you have chosen recurring service you can laminate it to reuse multiple times.

Should I meet the domestic worker?

It is helpful for you to meet the domestic worker, especially on their first visit. This gives you an opportunity to go over any questions they may have regarding your Cleaning Priority List and introduce them to any pets. Of course, any unfriendly pets should be kept outside or in an area the domestic won’t be cleaning.

What if I can’t meet the domestic worker?

If you are unable to meet the domestic worker,many different arrangements can be made. Some suggestions could include using a lock box, leaving the key with a neighbor or possibly hiding the key on the premises. If you have an alarm system, either disengage it for that day or explain the system use to the domestic worker.

Can I get the same domestic worker every time?

If you like the domestic worker and decide to set up regular service, this can be arranged based on the domestic workers availability. If your scheduled domestic worker can’t make it, for whatever reason, we will attempt to reschedule for a different day or arrange for a substitute domestic worker. If your regular domestic worker is no longer available, we will provide a new referral so you receive continuous service.

Should I tip the domestic worker?

Tips are always appreciated, but not required, you decide! Many clients tip the domestic worker directly, anywhere from 10 to 20%.

What if I am not happy with the domestic you refer?

If you are not happy, for whatever reason, please contact us right away so the domestic worker can promptly address the issue. We can also refer a different domestic that better fits your needs. Our mission is to always have happy repeat clients.


What if I won’t be home when the cleaner arrives?

That’s fine you have several options you can hide a key, use a garage code entry option (notify us prior of the code) , you can issue a copy of your house key to the cleaner or use a lock box. We’ve seen the lock box works best since you can change the code when a new cleaner is matched to your home.

What if I have a alarm system?

You can leave it off during the cleaning day or put in your cleaning notes with admin on how to disarm the alarm when they arrive.

If I provide a key who is responsible for it?

Your cleaner would be responsible for your key, most of our clients use a lock box and give us the code for their file. Lock boxes reduce the chance of getting a lock out fee of $50 in case you forget to put a key under the mat.


What time will my cleaner arrive?

We have a 1 hour arrival window for most appoinments as some houses go over time and we like to leave room for travel, weather, driving, and finding your home for the first time.

What if I need to reschedule?

All we ask is give us more than 48 hr notice and we will reschedule no problem. You can call us at 209-498-7116, go on our app, or login through our website. We have a $50 cancellation fee for cancellations less than 48 hr notice.

Can I skip a cleaning?

Yes you can with 48 notice in advance. However, please keep in mind that this has an impact on the cleaning professional’s income and should be done sparingly. You might find that it would be more suitable to reduce the scheduled frequency if you’re skipping on a regular basis.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime with 48 hr notice in advance. Without 48 hr notice there is a $50 cancellation fee for lost time, please keep in mind that this has an impact on the cleaning professional’s income and should be done sparingly.


How much time will I need?

This is determined by the size and condition of your home, as well as what house cleaning you would like done.


What type of payments do you take?

Make any payments to Krystal Clear Cleaning Referral Agency. We accept visa, mastercard and discover. We do not accept cash, checks or american express.

How do I pay?

We process payments directly after your cleaning. Cleaners can only get paid once the payment has gone through so this allows the cleaners to get a speedy payment.

Why does the first cleaning cost more?

The first cleaning the cleaner is new to your home and will be getting used to the layout. The cleaners estimate they will spend more time in each home for the first time and each recurring cleaning following would be easier to maintain once its caught up.


Do i have to sign a contract?

No contracts, cancel anytime with 48 hr notice to avoid any fees. We do ask that you sign our terms of agreement at the time of booking.

Do i have to file a 1099?

Nope, we got you covered. We issue 1099’s to all cleaners at the end of the year.

Do you carry Insurance?

Even with the upmost care things pictures sometimes come off hooks while cleaning, we ask if theres anything rare like a heirloom or one of a kind antique you may consider asking the cleaner to avoid cleaning those items. The cleaners are responsible for their own work, if something is damaged they will handle that issue directly with you. Krystal Clear Cleaning Referral Agency is not the employer it is referred to as you.

What about pets?

If your pet is overly excited, territorial or aggressive please put them in a different area to keep the cleaner and the animal safe.

Who is responsible for breakage of my property or lost house keys?

The domestic worker accepts sole responsible for property damages or lost house keys, which occur as a result of their actions.

Referral Agency

What are the benefits of using a Domestic Referral Agency?

Clients have access to a wide range of household services at affordable rates with scheduling flexibility. They will get experienced and screened domestic workers. Krystal’s also follows up with clients to assure they were satisfied with the referral.

What is a Domestic Referral Agency?

Domestic Referral Agencies register independent domestic workers that offer household referral services to clients. The domestic workers receive client job offers on the days, times and locations of their choice. Krystal Clear Cleaning Referral Agency is not the employer of domestic workers they refer to clients.