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Home Cleaning Jobs Inquiry Form

Are you an experienced house cleaner? Would you like to work with Krystal Clear Cleaning Referral Agency for additional income?

Complete the form below, one of our office managers will be in touch with you soon!

How It Works

Home cleaning jobs Krystal Clear Cleaning Referral Agency

 Inquiry Form

Showcase your skills in the Inquiry Form below which lets us know you want to work with us & helps determine qualifications. 

Home Cleaning Jobs Online

Phone Call Interview

After submitting your Application, you will be able to directly schedule your phone call interview if  pre-qualified.

Home Cleaning Jobs Online

Registration Paperwork

If qualified from interview you will receive a email to complete the online registration paperwork & put you into our system.

Home cleaning jobs Krystal Clear Cleaning Referral Agency

Screening & Orientation

We will conduct a background screening & reference check, and provide a online voluntary orientation.

Happy Cleaners

Cheyenne W.


A pleasant company to work with! If you're an independent cleaner and need more clients, they can match you with some. The app is convenient too.

Brooke P.


Hi, I work for Krystal clear, this agency is an excellent place to work. I love the feeling of being independent but clients are referred. I love the clients that I have started as a regular they are kind and great to work for.

Rose T.


Krystal clear cleaning, is a great place to get extra side jobs as a house cleaner. Love the big jobs that come in and being able to have a flexible schedule.