House Cleaning Services- D.I.Y. Checklist

Every home is different and every cleaner has a different cleaning style. Cleanings can be 100% customized to your liking according to your needs, schedule and budget. Including a checklist for house cleaners is a great way to ensure that the communication and expectations are clearly defined.

To help we have gathered some of the most frequently requested tasks that clients look for in 3 different types of residential home cleaning. This is NOT meant to be a prepacked cleaning to limit your cleaning needs. You can use these as a reminder to jog your mind about what you’re looking for in your own customized cleaning.

We can notate all your requests and record them on the work order for the cleaner to review each visit, especially if you wont be home for the cleaning. We’re always happy to adjust or update the notes upon request should your needs change in the future. You can also communicate directly with the cleaners with any special requests or simply leave a DIY checklist for them.

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Basic Clean Tasks often requested with ongoing cleaning service.
<b>Normally, in the BATHROOMS most clients ask for: </b>
Scrubbing and sanitizing the shower, tub and tile areas. Dust light fixtures, wipe mirrors, clean the sink and counters. Clean toilet inside and out. Mop the floors

<b>In the KITCHEN, clients ask for: </b>
Cleaning the counters and sink area. Cleaning exterior of all appliances. Degreasing the stove top and hood. Inside & Outside Microwave. And mop the floors

<b>For the REST OF THE HOME, clients ask to</b>
Have all rooms dusted and remove cobwebs. Remove trash & recycle. Make beds. Wipe down surface tops and vacuum or mop

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Detail Cleaning tasks is frequently requested if a home has not been professionally cleaned in the last 4-6 months.
Areas accumulate over time and we often we don't think of daily these daily. Its recommended add a few of these on at least twice a year.

<b>Consider adding these extra services:</b>

Clean wood facings
(cabinets, baseboards, doors)
Clean Fridge
Clean Oven
Wiping Blinds Individually

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Move Out and Move In Cleanings are for vacant homes preparing for new residents.
Don't let empty homes fool you, they require more work than furnished homes.

<b>Consider adding these extra services:</b>

Wipe clean baseboards, door facings and cabinet doors
Clean and sanitize inside fridge and inside oven
Clean blinds and shutters
Clean inside windows
Remove cobwebs and sweep patio or garage

Cleaning inside cabinets and drawers throughout the home.

Additionally, there may be a few things you would like to have cleaned but you don't see them as an add on option. Please check with our agency to see if the cleaning professionals provide such service. Examples may be wall washing, ceiling fans, vents. While its not listed as an item it doesn't mean it can't be done! If it can be done, we will add it to your custom requests in your cleaning notes for your cleaner to review with you upon arrival.

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Domestic Workers are available for a variety of things.
<b>Do you need:</b>

Assistance packing or unpacking boxes while moving?
Help setting up a party casual or formal?
Do you need someone to serve food, and clean up?
Are you behind on organizing things and need some help?
Do you have a old ball task like cleaning patio furniture by hand?

There are a variety of cleaning tasks that domestic workers/cleaners can do. No need to contact multiple companies call us to see if we can help arrange all of your cleaning needs.

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