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Here are the most popular packages Air BNB rental clients choose on a regular basis to help make booking simple.

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**Most Popular**
Air BNB Rental Clean-

Only $140
Most Air BNB Rentals request, to have cleaners take pictures of any damages, refill soaps, clean dishes, empty dishwasher, wash laundry, remake beds, restock towels etc. This is all customizable for your cleaning, most clients leave a long list at the rental for the cleaner with all these details they would like to request for there rental and where these items can be found. This is a usually a good option for basic maintenance clean and not a whole home detail cleaning option.

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One Time 7 Hr Clean

Only $245
This 7 hour clean, is completely customizable. You get to create a priority list for your cleaner with the most important things on top and working your way down with the least important tasks so when the time runs out they can get as far down on the list as possible. Refer to the Average Industry Cleaning Times to get a realistic idea of what can be accomplished.

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1 Story Window Cleaning

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Count all your windows, sliding glass doors, and windows around any doors before and then enter your window count into our system and book your window cleaning professional to clean your Inside, Outside, Screens & tracks of all windows listed upon booking.

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Whole Home Flat Rate

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Enter in the sq footage of your entire home, enter the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you would like to have cleaned. Leave out the ones you don't want to have cleaned. Note: An office or den is considered a bedroom. Select any extras you would like to add the this cleaning and get your instant estimate online and book in 60 seconds.

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Average Cleaning Time Frames- For Initial Cleanings

Kitchen 45 min - 2.5 hours
Bathroom 45 min - 2.5 hours
1/2 bath - 15- 30 min
Fridge or Oven approx. 30 min
Bedrooms, living rooms etc. 30-45 min per
Window & Track- 10-15 min
Sliding Glass Door- 15-30 min
Wiping a Blind- 10-15 min

These are based on average industry cleaning times for Initial Cleaning. Do not expect the whole home detailed in a hourly. The flat rate will cover the whole home. The hourly is a second option that is more budget friendly and helps you get most of the cleaning tasks out of the way. Please do not tell the cleaner to dust the whole house as this is a unreasonable request unless your time frame covers it.

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