Let’s admit, Cleaning and tidying our kitchen at the end of the day isn’t usually our thing, especially if you’re exhausted after a whole day from work so we never give it much attention. So why do we need to reset your kitchen every night?

1. It save your time in the morning when your preparing breakfast
2. Cleaning your kitchen every night or day is a way to make sure you prevents food borne illnesses
3. It’s Fun to cook in a clean kitchen

It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is big or small evening routine is cleaning is a great way to reset your home every evening and the best way to start your morning right. Here is 15 minute cleaning ritual before going to be.

Wash all the dishes
First thing first, Cleaning dishes now saves you time later, it also helps you avoid attracting pests into your home. Get the dishes into the dishwasher if you have one or wash it on your own, and wash all the cookware you used to make dinner.

Clean the sink
Scrub the sink, our sink can be breeding ground for bacteria of all kinds so never forget to clean it. Give your sink a pray of the cleaning product that you use then scrub and rinse it out .

Sweep the floor
check the floor and sweep if necessary.

Wipe the counter tops & table
wipe counters and table after every meal It’s easiest to do it before they harden and try, and you avoid the risk of stains or etching on these surfaces from foods like lemon, tomatoes, or wine.

Kitchen Towel
After a business day in the kitchen check you dish towels, it would be probably wet and your dish cloth may be starting to get that sour smell. Throw them into the dirty laundry and set out a fresh, clean tea towel and dish cloth for the next day.