How To Declutter When You Don’t Know Where to Start?

Knowing how to declutter your home doesn’t come naturally to most of us. Writing down an action plan might sound silly but it could help special if its your first time doing it.

There are 2 basic types of clutter to help us get started.

  1. First, some called it “Everyday Clutter.” Basically it includes all the things that you use regularly and that ends up sitting out until you have time to put it away.  It can be supplies that you used for a craft yesterday or shopping bags that we usually hang be hide the front door.
  2. Second,  It’s the things you keep in boxes stuffed into the back of your closet and piled up in your basement or your garage, things you already forgot but sooner or later you need to dispose them.

All the stuff you’ve accumulated over time that you don’t actually use, need to go or give them away, it will allow you to free spaces from your home.  Try to plan your action in advance:

  • Gather 2-3 empty baskets and  large garbage bag.
  • Go to each room in the house including your closet and go over all your stuff, Separate the thing your still using and the ones you want to dispose or donate.
  • Check your clothes and see if you didn’t wear them or if you just don’t love it. If you don’t love it you’re not going to wear it.
  • Grab a basket, run around the house clearing off all surfaces.
  • Sort through the baskets for the thing you already collected.

Little things like these helps.