Having kids around the house is fun, but when it comes to cleaning we might ask ourselves, how do we maintain a clean home?  What happened when surprise visitors drop by and you’re racing to pick up socks, kids toys, and clean your toilets! It can be stressful so how do we do things?

Firstly, create a cleaning routine. It’s easy to look it up on goggle or Pinterest for some ideas or you can make your own list. Whatever works for you,  Having a list of all you need to do in a day can help you manage your time, you can do the cleaning chores in an orderly manner and you can also have time to play with your kids. Some parents usually clean the kitchen at night before bed time to prepare it for the next day. It will take you 15mins in doing this, unload the dishwasher, make sure your counter tops are clean, and in doing so, it helps you have more time in the morning. Start to sleep with a clean kitchen and wake-up with a clean kitchen.

Secondly, get your kids involved. “Cleaning the house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing, In fact, the secret is to make your kids part of the solution, rather than the problem. Just in time for spring-cleaning season, here’s how to get the kiddos in on the act. Start them young, Toddlers love to help out and often feel such pride in their accomplishments., When cleaning and picking up is part of the expectations you establish within the family, kids catch on quickly and accept that they are an important part of making the household run smoothly and neatly.

Clean up time, you can designate certain clean up time of the days, this way you can manage your time properly and get things done according to your list. Let not forget, this does not apply to everyone, some might had a very busy day in the office and can’t do all the cleaning, getting a professional Independent cleaner is an option, try out Krystal Clear Cleaning, a referral agency that can help you get all the cleaning process done. The cleaners are carefully evaluated by the company and match with clients base on their cleaning needs.