If you often find yourself sneezing, have watery eyes or wheeze in your own home, you may have a dust mite allergy. Household is a mixture of animal dander, carpet fluff, clothing fibres, and dirt that gets tracked indoors.

  1. Use the right cleaning supplies

Feather dusters are whimsical, but when it comes to effectiveness, feather dusters are much better at pushing dust around than they are at attracting it. Grab a microfiber cloth to use on all your furniture and surfaces.

  1. Swiping the floors

If there are areas where you don’t need to vacuum, use a broom and dustpan to sweep the floors. Wash your dustpan and brush every few months and let them air-dry before storing.

  1. Get a vacuum cleaner

Vacuum your house to help suck up all the dust, especially high traffic areas like hallways and living rooms.

  1. Clean your air filters. If your house is heated and/or cooled by a central system, you can change the filters as a means of controlling dust levels in your air. Dust will continue to build up in your home, but a quality filter can slow down the rate of dust accumulation.
  2. Clean your walls from top to bottom

When your house is due for a deep cleaning, go over the walls, trim and baseboards with microfiber cloths.


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