You know yourself, if you’ve gone away for a weekend the most important thing when you open the bedroom door for the first time is the cleanliness of the room. One of the most important factors is the bedroom linen & towels. Your bedroom is most probably your favorite place at home since this is the spot where you spend your night. This is your cozy zone where you are looking forward to being in under the covers of your bed after a long tiring day.

Don’t over stuff your washing machine

By overloading your washing machine, you are running the risk that your sheets and towels don’t get cleaned properly as the drum doesn’t circulate the detergent around enough. Uneven washing could make your clothes look splotchy, and leave detergent residues on some articles of clothing.

Take washing out of the dryer ASAP

By taking your laundry out of the dryer as soon as it finishes, you’ll reduce the number of wrinkles and how hard they set in. Your fabrics will stay in better condition when applied less heat.

Don’t dry your linens at too high a temperature

 You might think your laundry will be ready quicker, however the high temperatures could lead to shrinkage, damage and make them feel hard and scratchy.

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