Make your own DIY Cleaning Wipes. One way to prevent and be protected against corona virus, it’s a must for our home to be clean. Alarm over coronavirus has caused a run on supplies. These DIY All Purpose Cleaning Wipes are the perfect solution! Aside from saving money, another benefit of making your own cleaning wipes, according to many residential cleaners, is that you keep harmful chemicals away from your family. When you see just how easy it is to make homemade cleaning wipes, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make these cleaning wipes sooner.

What you need for your DIY cleaning wipes:

Container for your solution

Paper Tower Roll / Clean Cloth


Vinegar – does an amazing job in cleaning and sanitizing. Also, it’s all NATURAL!


Rubbing alcohol

Dish Soap

Here’s how you make it your own DIY Cleaning Wipes!

  1. Mix together the dish soap, rubbing alcohol, vinegar and water in your container. You can add essential oils to boost its antibacterial powers, also it personalizes your solution.

  2. Pour the solution over the paper towels. You can use a clean cloth cuts into sizes if you want them to be reusable.

  • Once they’re saturated, carefully remove the cardboard center, and pull a paper towel from the middle.

  • Soak your clean cloth to the solution.

  1. If you used a paper towel, next step would be, press a craft needle through the center of the plastic lid several times, and then fit the scissors through to cut a circle from the center, around one half-inch in diameter. Last step is to feed the paper towel through the small hole you created.

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