If you share your home with a furry friend, they can leave quite a mess behind them. Most furry pets shed spreading dander and pet hair everywhere. We should be familiar with footprints across your comforter, fur and hair everywhere, soil and sand inside and not to mention accidents inside the house. Pets can be quite messy, that is why you need the right tools and routine to keep your home clean and healthy.

Vacuum Routinely

This is your number one solution for a clean and healthy house. Cats, dogs and your other furry companions may shed a lot and your vacuum will be your best friend in keeping the pet hair from invading your home.


You can make sure you get pet dander or even the smallest particles by mopping your floors and wiping other surfaces. This will also remove any stains and will leave your home smelling fresh.

Pet Blankets/Bed

This is the cleverest way of removing pet hairs. Pet blankets are easily washed with the laundry.

Upgrade your Sofa

If you can’t bear to push your pooch off the couch it might be time to upgrade your current sofa. The wrong material can act like a hair magnet, hold undesirable odors and show up the slightest stain.