Referral Agency & The Many Benefits

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What Is a Referral Agency?
Domestic Referral Agencies register independent domestic workers that offer household referral services to clients. The domestic workers receive client job offers on the days, times and locations of their choice. Krystal Clear Cleaning Referral Agency is not the employer of domestic workers they refer to clients.

What are the Benefits to Using A Domestic Referral Agency?
Clients have access to a wide range of household services at affordable rates with scheduling flexibility. They will get experienced and screened domestic workers. Krystal's also follows up with clients to assure they were satisfied with the referral.

Whats the Difference Between a Cleaning Agency & Cleaning Company?
With big cleaning companies they normally charge about $40-$60 per girl while the cleaners normally make $10.50-$15 an hour. Where does the rest of the money go?? To company cars, aprons, uniforms, administration, etc. However, these companies are great for customer service and have plenty of systems in place and training to make sure your needs are met.

With an Agency, instead of having company cars, uniforms, huge office spaces that require cleaning costs to sky rocket we pass those savings on to you and the cleaner so they can earn more. Independent cleaners normally clean all day with little to no time to answer calls, your not sure if their paying taxes, or how to find another one if they left but do a awesome job at knowing how you like it cleaned. With us you get great customer service, easy rescheduling, a online portal to check upcoming cleanings, you get screened and vetted cleaners, get the same cleaner returning each visit or try out two or three until you find the right fit.

About Us
With Krystal Clear Cleaning Referral Agency we bring these two concepts together. We provide quality customer service and support by handling your scheduling, customizing your cleaning requests, replacement cleaners, billing & payments.

Cleaners that work with our agency must have at least 2 years of house cleaning experience (usually 5-7 years on average) must pass our rigorous cleaning screening process, pass criminal background, and must have plenty of clients who continually request them back.