Time is going by so fast so let make the best out of it by being productive even in the

comfort of our home. We are all looking for a fresh start every New Year and a little structure with your cleaning may be the key to managing household duties quickly and efficiently.

Know the difference between cleaning from disinfecting.

As we already know, cleaning means removing dirt from surfaces and any part of the house.  It doesn’t kill germs, but it decreases the number of germs helping reduce the risk of infection. Disinfecting, on the other hand, refers to killing germs, by the use of cleaning chemicals that are registered and not harmful to humans.

Choose Your Room

Make a list of what you need to clean first, you make clean first the room that would take most of your time like the kid’s bedroom or playroom or vice versa. Make sure to totally clean the rooms and areas in your home that need regular cleaning including hallways, stairways, and entryways.

Select Frequency

Decide how often you want to clean each room, consider your lifestyle when determining the frequency for your whole-home cleaning schedule Work them into your calendar, and make it a home cleaning schedule seasonally or needed.

Focus on the surface

With COVID-19 present, ensure to always keep some surfaces of your home disinfect, the virus can live on surfaces for up to 72 hours, meaning cleaning high-touch areas is crucial. Wipe down hard surfaces such

Use cleaning products properly

Reading instructions on the label of cleaning products will ensure you don’t miss out on important steps. such as letting disinfectant spray sit on a surface for a short time in order to thoroughly sanitize it.

Lysol disinfectant spray recommends that users leave a sprayed surface for 3 minutes and more. Keep an eye on everything you do and make it a habit.

Design an easy-to-follow cleaning checklist that includes all the most important tasks and precautions especially the Covid-19 pandemic continues, here are tips to clean and disinfect surfaces in your home. Happy Cleaning!