I have grown up around small cleaning companies my whole life. I have seen so many cleaners work so hard and get paid so little. I’ve seen the cleaners work 2-3 cleaning jobs and barely get sleep just to feed their family.

With overhead expenses continuing to increase every year you rarely see cleaners make more than $10.50 -$15 an hour a week working every day. I’ve seen so many clients call in to get a quote and couldn’t afford it but really needed the help. With labor and overhead making prices continuing to sky rocket every year I was determined to find a solution.

I wanted to create a better way of doing business, a win-win-win way. That’s how Krystal Clear Cleaning Referral Agency was born.

<p”>Our philosophy is, “By connecting families who need the work, with families who need the help, we help families live a more fulfilling life with more time to focus on what’s important in life.”

In working with independent cleaning professionals, we offer cleaners the ability to determine their own schedule, get excellent pay, and relief from administrative duties. We also help clients confidently regain their free time by getting access to highly qualified cleaners who have been screened and vetted. Ultimately, the goal is for each of us to live a more fulfilling life in our own way, where we can have more time with our families doing what we love. Its designed to be a win-win-win.

When you choose Krystal Clear Clean , your choosing to support this harmonious working community where we all can win.