While placing an appointment for house cleaning or any domestic work with Krystal Clear Cleaning Referral Agency via phone or email I as a customer am bound to follow the terms of service and conditions given below.


✔️ The agreement allows Krystal Clear Cleaning Referral Agency to use my credit card for payments and charges.

✔️ The agreement assures that I will do a thorough inspection of the house before the worker from our agency leaves after cleaning.

✔️ The agreement states that I will give our agency a call within 24 hours if I feel that there are any issues with the service.

✔️ The agreement states that if any complaint is made after 24 hours by me, the domestic worker from our agency will not be accountable for any issues with the services.

✔️ The agreement states that if the domestic help given by our agency has put his 100% and worked hard I am responsible for his payment even if I am dissatisfied with the cleaning output.

✔️ The agreement allows permanent domestic placement of a cleaner without working via the cleaning agency. A $1000 fee will be paid by me for directly securing a domestic helper/worker for personal help.


Krystal Clear Cleaning Referral Agency is not the employer of the domestic worker referred to you. The domestic worker may be your employee or an independent contractor depending on the relationship you have with him or her. If you direct and control the manner and means by which the domestic worker performs his or her work you may have employer responsibilities, including employment taxes and workers’ compensation. 


Labor Hour is nothing but the calculation of the hours taken by the professional worker to clean your home. One hour of cleaning is equivalent to one Labor Hour.


The terms and conditions for the calculation of labor hours are very simple. The number of hours per cleaner is one set of labor hours. You can consider the following example to calculate labor hours.

For the first example, let us consider that you have one cleaning professional for cleaning your home and the rate is $30 per hour. If the total amount of hours that the workers take to clean the house is 3 hours then the calculation of Labor Hours is the hourly rate times 3.

No of Hours: 3

No of workers: 1

Cost per hour: $30

Labor Hours: 3

Total Cost of 1 Workers: 3hrs * 30 = $90

For the second example, let us consider that you have 2 cleaning professionals for cleaning your home and the rate is $30 per hour per cleaner. If they spend 1.5 hours cleaning. Then the labor hours is 1.5 hours times 2 cleaners. Total of 3 labor hours.

No of Hours: 1.5

No of workers: 2

Cost per hour: $30 * 2(cleaners) = $60 per hour

Labor Hours: 3

Total Cost of 2 Workers: 1.5 hrs * 60 = $90

Hence, the two examples both prices are the same hence the only difference is the time spent in the home.

The minimum amount of labor hours for any work is 3 hours. The minimum amount of labor hours for any weekly/biweekly service is 2 hours. Transportation and loading and unloading is billable. It is important to call the office and clear any questions regarding billing before starting any work.


Yes. There is a maximum time limit as the pre-approved time for professionals to work as per the stated hours. There will always be a maximum approved time frame budgeted for you. Cleaners will work in the same time frame as per your budget. If they need to work for more hours it will be taken into consideration after your approval irrespective of the job being finished or unfinished. It is best to keep a timer for your scheduled labor time by you. If your home requires extensive amounts of cleaning the job can be converted into an hourly rate job without the worker having to exceed your budget and also complete his services.

If you wish to reduce the time frame that we have budgeted for you then the cleaner will only work on priority work and get the maximum possible chores done in that much time limit.


There is a cancellation fee if you suddenly decide to cancel or reschedule your house cleaning. Since sudden cancellations can affect the daily earnings of the cleaning professional it is very important that you be responsible to avoid something like this. A fee of $50 is charged if the cancellation is not done 48 hours before the day of cleaning.


All the facilities of the house like running water, electric points, cleaning areas and other areas of the house must be accessible to the cleaners. The agreement states a rule that in case the cleaning workers arrive at your place at the scheduled day and time and they do not have the required access to the house facilities, a fee of $50 will be charged to you. The waiting time of cleaners is also added to the billing cycle. The company should know in advance if the home has pets, bio-hazards, mildew, mold or any other human waste. Issues about the lack of water and electricity that are required for work should also be pre-informed to the company. It is also very important that our agency knows if your home is infested with insects, rodents or any other vermin.


If the cleaning is scheduled only for a one-time basis it is very important that you do a thorough walk-through of the house before signing off.

You should make sure that all the work is done satisfactorily as per your requirements. If you skip this step you may not be able to check the work of your cleaners and make sure that things are all as per the requirement.

If you have organized a party or are cleaning for an event or buying a new home it is very important to do a check post so the workers have completed the tasks. There is no refund for hourly services so in case you feel your home needs more cleaning then you can allocate more time.


There are different discount conditions and none of the discounts can be combined.

  • There are no discounts for hourly rates and extra hours.
  • Recurring Discounts apply to jobs that are not one time jobs and have a minimum cycle of 3 cleaning appointments.
  • There can be recurring discounts for weekly or monthly services.
  • A $45 bill is laid for cancellations of recurring services.
  • A $50 bill is laid for cancellations before 48 hours.


  • Payments can be done with all Visa, Master, Debit and Credit cards.
  • Invoices will be sent via email the next day.
  • Damages are not the responsibility of our agency.


Our agency does not accept the possession of house keys. Alternate options to open the house should be made available for the cleaning agent. It is very important that the cleaner finds your home conveniently and should not return. In case you reside in a huge gated community or have multiple home entrances, the domestic help could get lost or confused. It would be a good idea to meet the professional at the gate for the first time so that he can find your home easily.

Our agency is not responsible for the cleaning professional’s inability to work due to unforeseen circumstances.

There can be rare events when the cleaning candidate is unable to turn up on the scheduled date and time due to any personal, health or other reason. The customer will have to be cautious by foreseeing such unfortunate events if they have a short deadline.


Our agency can refuse the service of the customer for certain reasons. Sometimes the customer may have given a different picture of his property or home and in reality, the condition of his property would be completely different from what was described by the client. In such a case our agency has complete rights to refuse service. Other cases include when the cleaning services requested are not matching with the customer or if the professionals feel the cleaning site is uncomfortable.


Rescheduling of days can happen for certain reasons.

  • Working Professional was not able to make it on the scheduled date due to certain reasons.
  • The workload on the site was too much and more days would be required for cleaning the site.


  • Credit Card Disclaimer: Credit cards will be authorized before the service resumes. If the services of our referred domestic workers are ongoing and the bank reports fraudulent charges during the swiping of your given credit card details, the entire cost and interest will be paid by you.
  • Payment Failure Disclaimer: In case of failed payments, the entire cost and interest will be borne by you through collections.
  • Tenants Disclaimer: Krystal Clear Cleaning Referral Agency is not responsible for any deposit refunds of tenants. In case of moving in or moving out of a home, the refunds are not our concern.
  • Construction Sites Disclaimer: Construction sites have a lot of debris and issues on the sites. In such a case, the domestic help referred by us is not responsible for the outcome of the cleaning.
  • Laundry Disclosure: The domestic help provided by our agency is not a laundry expert. Hence if you wish to make them do laundry cleaning the outcome is not the responsibility of the company.


There are different types of customers with different cleaning and organizing requirements. Some are messy and some are hoarders. Some customers are very disorganized and need to set up the house. Our agency has different home organization charges.

You can make use of our home organization services. The rates for the cleaning are $40 per hour for normal days and $44 per hour for weekends. Different specialists will be sent to your home for a completely organized home setup.

Hence these are all the standard terms and conditions for Krystal Clear Cleaning Referral Agency. These terms are designed to help our business comply with all the laws and regulations and manage any legal risk that could arise out of a customer’s cleaning contracts. Our agency is always striving that top-notch quality of work is provided to the customer and the scheduled time preferences are always coordinated and met.