Cleaning the blinds is one of those chores many people forget. Sure you clean your windows regularly but what about the blinds/shades that cover them? Whether it is wood, faux wood, fabric or vinyl, they can become soiled with dust, pet fur and all the other dead skin cells and dander that float around.

General Cleaning for all types of Blinds

Tools and Materials you need:

  • Vacuum cleaner with soft brush attachment

  • Microfiber cloths

  • Dish washing liquid

  • Warm water

Most of the buildup you will find on your blinds is dust. We want to make sure we vacuum the blinds first as it gets messy when dust and water mixed up. Once done, wipe it down with a combination of warm water and dish washing liquid onto your microfiber cloths.

Deep Cleaning

Plastic Blinds

Use the general steps above before you deep clean. Take your blinds down and soak the blinds in the tub for at least an hour, you can use your dish washing liquid mixed with water. Now, remove the dusts away with a microfiber cloth. Wipe your blinds dry or simply air dry them outside before placing the blinds back in the window.

Wood Blinds

Most wood blinds are treated with a special finish to repel dirt and stains. They can be cleaned with a good quality furniture polish and soft cloth.

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