Tips for Tidy Furniture. Maintaining furniture is not an easy task, but we inevitable have to do it because not only does it make the place look more pleasing to the eyes, it also helps in lengthening your furniture’s lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be a hassle with all these tips for tidy furniture.

Vacuum Regularly

Make an effort in regularly vacuuming your furniture. Clean all the cracks and you could take off all the cushions too if you’re vacuuming your sofa to make sure that you are cleaning all sides of them.

Dust Them Off

When it comes to painted furniture, you just have to dust or wipe them with a clean cloth dampened in water. They are the easiest to clean but be careful not to leave water spots. But if ever they have stains on them, try to match the paint and add an oil finish for protection.

Keep off the heat

For leather furniture, make sure that they are at least two feet from heat sources and of course, out of direct sunlight since they are easy to dry out and crack. Dust them regularly and clean them with a damp sponge.

Act Quickly

You can only avoid hours and hours of cleaning if you act on a dirt as soon as it occurs before they turn into stains. Blot liquids and don’t scrub them because the goal here is to absorb the liquid before it soaks in ad not to push the liquid further.

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