What is a Referral Agency?

Domestic Referral Agencies helps in reducing the client’s costs and on the other hand, helps the domestic workers to increase their income by outsourcing the jobs to them. These workers are registered with the agencies and work under a contract.

The Domestic Workers have the freedom to work as per their own schedule. They use their expertise in completing the jobs. They manage their own transportation. The supplies and equipment are either provided by the domestic cleaner however the client may also provide the same, if desired.

Benefits That Accrue to Clients

Using a referral agency results in several benefits to the clients as they avail the most experienced and screened workers with scheduling flexibility. We ensure that they are satisfied with the referrals.

  1. Security– You can be assured of the fact that all the cleaners are screened and verified. We check the criminal background of the worker, conduct a personal interview with them and verify whether they are eligible to work in the USA.
  2. Consistent Quality– You receive the consistent quality of cleaning by the same worker every time. All of our cleaners possess a minimum of 2-year experience and undergo a thorough screening- 3 personal and 3 professional.
  3. A Service Matched To Your Needs– You can choose to be matched with a different cleaner for any reason. You can change your scheduled times and days after giving notice. There is no long-time contract so a cancellation with 48-hour notice is enough.
  4. Savings– In ——– County, you will not find hourly rate discounts on an ongoing service as Krystal provides to its loyal clients. You can save up to 40% when compared to the other cleaning services.
  5. Convenience Of Online Services– We provide the convenience of an online which allows you the following services-
  • Request a new service
  • Report a concern
  • Referral Rewards
  • Review Previous Invoices

Benefits That Accrue to Cleaners

These are the following benefits that accrue to a cleaner when he registers with Krystal.

  1. Choice of Schedule- Cleaners has freedom to choose the day and time when they are able to work during the week. It allows them to choose a work-life balance they want as per their choice.
  2. Choice Of Clients– They also have the freedom to perform a cleaning job with a particular client or not. It helps us to find a perfect match for the clients and cleaners.
  3. Customer Representative– Our customer representatives lessen the burden of the cleaners by handling the admin duties, calls, marketing, tax forms, rescheduling, etc. It allows the cleaners to focus on cleaning only.
  4. Focus On Work– Our cleaners only need think of getting to and from the client’s place and providing them unmatched service. Most business experts keep worrying about all the other aspects but this is not the case with our cleaners.
  5. Maximum Pay– The cleaners earn more than a cleaner working at a minimum wage as they can work as per their time.

About Us

The large companies near you charge $40-$60 per hour for a job while the cleaner gets only $10.50-$15 per hour. The rest of the money is spent on cars, uniforms, administration, etc. There is no doubt that these companies offer excellent services with all the training and systems they have put in place.

At Krystal, we aim to increase the cleaners’ earning and providing 100% customer satisfaction by surpassing all the extra costs. The independent cleaners work all day, and we, as an agency, manage all of their calls, their cleaning jobs, manage their tax forms, and manage their feedback as to how they cleaned your place.

We provide you your desired services through easy rescheduling, the option to check 2-3 cleaners and find your right match, check the upcoming cleanings on our online portal, etc. You will get only screened and vetted cleaners and consistent quality in work through the same cleaner returning to you for every cleaning unless you want a change.

We provide excellent customer support through schedule handling, customizing your cleaning requests, billings & payments, etc. 

We register the cleaners with a minimum of 2-years experience, though the average is 4-5 years. They must have some excellent client reviews, as well as pass our screening process and get their criminal background verified.

We have a strong network of referral cleaning jobs

Even though all our cleaning professionals provide amazing service, it happens that a cleaner is just not right for you. We can help you try out 2-3 cleaners unless you find the right match. All you need to do is to simply ask us.

As the clients have the choice to change cleaners, our cleaners are quality-conscious. In large companies, a cleaner does not worry about the quality of work or whether the company loses a client. Being an agency, we charge a lesser price so that you can save up to 40% off with Krystal. Get your free quote here now!